Rug Gallery – Professional Rug Cleaners

Not only do we sell rugs and carpets, designer and plain rugs as well as floral and geometric carpets, we are also engaged in the business of providing rug cleaning services. We offer rug cleaning and washing, repair and restoration of rugs, Rug appraisals, and any other services on the go.

We understand that rugs are a masterpiece cloth tread ad woven to beautify the floor of your house but since they are on the floor they no doubt will be contacted with dust and dirt we thus provide the facility of rug cleaning to our customers. Our team of cleaners is well trained in cleaning the rugs. They will help in getting your rugs clean without lashing in any mistakes. Cleaning rugs require great care and this need is taken care of by our crew members. They help in keeping your sole rug clean and allergen free.

Using our service you can bring out the natural color and beauty of your old handmade rug back. We hence restore the clean and stupendous look of your rug in no time. Our team of members uses just the right methods of treating your rug which ensures long life and sustainability. Not to mention the elimination of dust, bacteria which tend to stick to the fabric of the rug. We can say that our rug cleaning services are standard and can be opted at a reasonable price.

If not taken proper care especially for the rugs that are laid in the heavy traffic organizations and road side homes they would get easily stained and sometime permanently stained. Moreover, there might be fading in the quality and skin of the carpet as time passes. We with our professional guide will provide you professional rug cleaning in every sense. Here our focus is on providing your rugs an organic solution rather than using chemical effects that can create adverse effects. We use 100% organic products while cleaning the rugs. The products we use confirm that the thread follicles stay string and remain at place for years to come. Not only that it provide for more durability against everyday wear and tear. Having more than 30 years of experience we have been cleaning all kinds of rugs such as Persian, Afghani, Indian, Pakistani,  Turkish, Belgium, Russian, Kazak, Italian, Kashmiri, Handmade, hand woven, hand knotted as well as machine made rugs. The list of satisfied customers is high and you can see them.

For more details about rug cleaning and rug cleaning services visit our website.


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