Bicycles are very good in making a healthy physique. Whether it is riding up and down the mountains for adventure and fun or riding with your buddies on a Saturday evening, bicycles are very much the thing that helps in having fun and maintaining your health. We at contender bicycles sell all the types of bicycles and do adjustments and tune ups to your riding buddy so that you can enjoy your bicycles at its fullest. Our shop is situated in Salt Lake City, so if you ever visit Salt Lake City make sure you make a stop in Contender Bicycles.

We at Contender Bicycles also provide Jersey and different gears for your bicycle experience. Our main brand is the ASSOS which makes killer jerseys for both males and females bikers. With the jerseys we also provide leg warmers, knee warmers, arm warmers, gloves and vests. We also offer time bikes; the quality of the time bikes is second to one. The innovation and quality in these bad dudes are beyond reorganization. The manufacturing of these bikes are done in the same area located in Lyon, France. The frames of these bikes may be lighter but there are no other frames of the bikes that offer the perfect combination of ride characteristics. Also in the new innovation zone, there is an introduction of the new vibration Damping AKTIV, with the help of this new innovation, the roads feel so smooth. Contender Bicycles offer incredible value for the TIME bikes.

If you want Bicycle with incredible design, Cannondale synapse has been pushing the limits in bicycle design. One of the examples in their innovation zone is the lefty shock, with the help of this design, the roads feel the smoothest. They have refined the design of the highly regarded Cannondale SuperSix Evo. Velo News, one of the most trusted news organizations has called this design ‘the best example of what an all-around race bike should be’.  The year 2016 saw the release of Cannondale’s first 27.5” mountain bike, the Habit, which is the perfect example of the all-around bike. Mountain bikes should ascend like a cross-country machine and descend like a trail bike. We also have the famous Pinarello bikes for sale. Scott genius is famous for design and endurance. We also have Scott mountain bikes for sale which have produced a long line of light carbon fiber and aluminum mountain bikes.

For more information about Cannondale synapse and Cannondale SuperSix Evo visit our website.


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