Sunday school and bible lessons

Jesus is the person who made us. He is the one who god sends to us so that we all must be forgiven for our sins. All of this and other things must be taught and revised daily so that we never forget where we came from. We have numerous scriptures and statements from bible which we can read to find answers in our life.

Jesus Is All will provide you with a summary of Sunday school lessons. It will help you get the crux of what all had been taught on Sunday. We can have these Sunday school lessons sent every week once you subscribe for us through our mail. Our Sunday school lessons are a gift for those who are unfortunately unable to go to church. They can receive the word of god and can rejoice in their way of life. The Sunday school lessons which we send are very much explained to the depth and this in turn helps you to understand Jesus in a much better way. Instances which you can use to relate with your life all of it and many other things can be learnt from these Sunday school lessons.

Not only that we are actively providing for the benefit of sending bible lessons to our subscribers. Here you will receive a part of bible scripture which will be explained thoroughly and it will ask for you to pray and meditate on what you have learnt. These bible lessons will help an individual grow strong in Christian belief and Jesus as a whole. It has helped us spread the “Good News” from the bible to people from different parts of the world. Apart from that we send daily inspirational verses from the bible. This in turn will help people keep up with the hardships of their life.

We have the facility called scriptures on Jesus Is All that will allow you to search the bible in 4 different language translations. You even look on these translations side by side. You can further spread the word of Jesus yourself in small group lessons by sharing the good words of God on Face book, Twitter, Likened In, etc. in this way we have been helping more and more people get to the ay of salvation and eternal life.

“Blessed are those who read the word of lord and act upon them as said? The kingdom of heaven is for them.”

For more information about small group lessons and bible lessons visit our website.


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