Spectator Sports Group: Best Sports Equipments

We are the leading sports merchandise store located in Australia. Previously we were called footy gear online. Our company is registered and has been a provider of the best quality sports equipments, merchandise and clothing for years. Our store was established 12 years ago in Australia. We have been satisfying all the footy fans around the world since 12 years now. In addition of providing AFL merchandise and AFL jumpers for all the teams, we also sell gears for sports like cricket and soccer. We products are available both in store and online. We have worked very hard to earn our reputation as the most trusted sport store in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and other cities. Customers can visit our website online or can pay a visit in our store, where you will be met with our incredible staff that will provide you with all the necessary help.

Our AFL store is located at the Eastlink Ringwood bypass exit, this make it easy to locate east, south east, city and the parts of Melbourne which are located at the west. As we run our business from the suburbs, we can cut out the high costs which are required to run the business in the inner city areas. All these savings that we get from these, we can pass down to our customers, in quality and customer service. Also is the fact that we are very easy to get to, so it’s a win-win situation for us and the customers. Day after day we are adding new gears and other sports products into our collection so we are growing and expanding as the time pass. It will be difficult to find another AFL store that has the amount of sports gears that we provide. All our prices are affordable for the customers and with the quality that we provide at our store, it’s impossible to resist.

We got everything from Sherrin footballs, AFL jerseys of your favorite team. Whether you are a fan of the Mighty Bombers or the Lions, we provide everything for all the sports loving people in Australia. You can email us at our website info@spectatorsportsonline.com.au if you have any questions regarding the products and the range of these products that we sell at AFL store in Perth, Adelaide and throughout Australia. You can also reach us using the contact detail available in our website.

For more details about AFL merchandise and AFL jumpers visit our website.


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