Pick and pack and e-commerce fulfilment

A fulfilment service is a service provided by the third party for warehousing and preparing the goods according to the customers order. Using this service is a great option if the company doesn’t have to face the problem of shipping the orders or if the company doesn’t have adequate warehousing facility. These services help big business to deliver the product more effectively to the customers. There are various fulfilment services like e-commerce fulfilment, pick and pack, order processing, inventory management etc. Fulfilment provides a range of services to e-commerce and mail order business of varying size and needs.

 Moreover, ecommerce fulfilment is the process of procuring orders from an online shopping cart (or Web store) like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc and picking, packing, and shipping them to individual customers to the place where the order is received. Ecommerce fulfilment does the job of delivering the product to the customers from their respective online shopping sites. Other types of E-commerce  fulfilment include retail fulfilment (shipping of orders to business retail locations or retailers), marketing and collateral fulfilment (shipping of orders to employees or internal business locations or branches of same company), and various B2B (business to business) fulfilment services, which focus on shipping orders to businesses rather than consumers (B2C – business to consumer). E-commerce fulfilment also takes the responsibility of delivering the goods to the customers on time and without any damage. E-commerce fulfilment also works for return processing.

Whereas Pick and pack is a process by which the individual components that is ordered through e-commerce website are gathered from warehouse or master cartons (Picked) and then placed into boxes and envelope and this is send to the customers address. It can also be said that the product ordered are picked from the warehouse and then it is re-packaged for distribution. Mostly these services are offered by many businesses that specialize in supply chain management solutions. These services are mostly used in big warehouses where the product is not pre-packed.

The “picking and “packing” process also occurs when items which are ordered are not available in the particular warehouse and that product is pulled from various location and packaged together according to the customers specific instruction. This Pick and pack process starts only after the company receives the order for that particular product. Pick and pack distribution is efficient and time saving for the business because it eliminates the need for middle man for the purpose of collecting the goods from various storages.

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