Floor rugs and Persian carpets

A house one like yours how do you think you can make it look beautiful? By using furniture, curtains, etc. how about using a rug or a carpet? You must have thought of it but many of you would have resisted yourself from buying these rugs with a feeling that they might be expensive and would get easily greasy once dust and grit settles on them. Now since you are at Rug Gallery you might want to change your mind about these things.

Let’s talk about what we sell. As evident from our web name you can be very much sure that we are into the rug thing in every bit we do.  Yes we are into the rug business but do you know what rugs we sell? No! Then we will address you about some of the rugs we usually import and sell to our customers. We basically are involved in the sale of Persian Rugs which are imported from the Persian countries and you can be very much sure about the quality of the rugs since they have been hand knitted; every cloth piece to each other so as to give you the soft and warm feel you have experienced right now. At Rug Gallery we have a collection of more than 3000 rugs that come in a variety of designs to choose from and in a number of sizes. This secures your choice over not one but many carpets and rigs at the same time. We are the popular dealer of rugs in NZ.

We have been into this business since a long time, as long as 23 years! Isn’t it a long time to make our customers segment tight and the kind of trust we have gained with our customers is one notable thing. Selling floor rugs NZ has never been a breeze as the quality of these rugs is uncompromised. A certificate of authenticity further ads to the brand value that you are getting 100% Persian cloth made rugs. Apart from that we are even providing free in house trial in which you can try for these rugs you have selected and keep one or many as per your wish. Moreover the delivery to your doorstep is free and accompanied with wide base New Zealand shipping.

The carpets we sell here are imported and only selective designs are sketched on these carpets making them all the more unique and desirous. These Persian carpet look great when spread over the hallway or run over the sofa centre they look pure and elegant.

For more information about floor rugs NZ and rugs NZ visit our website.


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