Customized Pet Portraits

Pets may it be your guarding, obedient and loving loyal dog or your cute soft and adorable kitten you would be excited to hear that you could keep make a painting of them and nail them against your wall. We at Your Pained Pets exactly do the same thing and we do it in a customized way.

Here the technique we use for painting your lovely pets is the old harness of oil painting. Perfectly traditional and old which seeks more of its viewers attention. If you are still doubtful take a look around the gallery which displays a number of pets painted to their grace and how exquisitely they have been displaying their true colors. Your pet portraits can be hung around your hall way or any wall in your room so that it keeps on reminding you about your pet. The use of oil has been of prime importance in these paintings since oil brings out the natural colors in a scene when we first capture it. Oil paintings look more lively and artistic and this is why we do custom pet portraits in oil. To complete the masterpiece all we need is a photograph of your pet and we will create an oil painting of your pet in all its glory. Here on our website you can view the pictures of real pet photographs and besides them the oil painted picture. In this way it is easy to compare and understand how they would look side-to-side.

We believe in taking the original form of your pet that resembles your pet in every way you try to see it. It isn’t just a painting it seems as though they have life in them. One of the best things you can have to keep with you of your pet would be an oil painting of your pet. We can prepare you oil paintings of pets inside a hardwood panel, the usefulness of which is that they can be hung directly in the wall and does not consume a frame. The artist has more than 20 years experience in doing oil paintings of pets. And is a graduate in BA and MFA in Fine Arts from UCLA. With his professional degree he went through many great museums and studied the paintings in there which made for the foundation of his oil painting. Anyone who wishes to remember their pets in oil painting can contact us here.

For more information about paintings of pets and custom pet portraits in oil Visit our website.


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