Ikebana and natural dyers

If you are the kind of person who finds pleasure in planting and gardening then you must surely visit Plant Porn. Here you will find each and everything related to planting and only planting. We have collected various articles and blogs from different but expert writers all over the world on our website.

Natalie Fragola has been actively extracting plant based colors. These are natural colors which are used for dyening and printing stuffs. The color combination with which these plants give out are simply outstanding. This has been the place of great conduct. You have been unlike other chemical dyers plants are natural dyers. The benefit of using natural dyers is that they are not at all harmful in any way.

If you are a traditional person and want something to show with great passion in it then you can certainly plant an Ikebana. It is a Japanese method in which flowers are arranged. Not like the usual method of simply casing the flower, it rather displays a more antic and specific setting of flowers. Ikebana has been popular since its onset in the 7th century. It stresses on the minute details of showcasing a flower. No part of the plant is neglected everything right from the leaf upto the stems are put to show carefully.

Long ago plants were the sole resemblance of life on earth. Even today a lot because which life sustains is only because of plants. We at Plant porn always recommend and encourage planting more and more plants at home at work. We also encourage people to use plant based products as their daily driver. Plant Porn have got some of the best sources of where does plants originate. If you are a lover of nature you will surely admire Plant porn for its work.

If you are new to planting and gardening then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a number of interesting articles which teaches you how to plant and which plants grow in which condition. We have a DIY with plants section that teaches users to grow plant at their home and nearby vicinity with least efforts and maintenance. Plant Porn shows a variety of plants that are usually not available from local nurseries. The Do it yourself event will help you become an independent planter. This will change your perception about the current formats of gardening and planting.

For more information natural dyers and Ikebana visit our website.


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