“How VR Gaming Helps Polish Your Mind”

Virtual Reality and VR Gaming are not just limited to entertainment and commercial power of consumerism. In fact, VR as a technology and as a gaming medium has tremendous mental, intellectual, cognitive as well as physical benefits that simply cannot be ignored!

>> The Rudown <<

Virtual Reality is based on fundamental scientific facets such as computer graphical interface, visual stimulation, user-interface, behavioral and cognitive science etc.

What’s the benefit? A reality mechanism such as Virtual Reality primarily focuses on fully immersing individuals in a systematically created artificial environment.

In this artificial environment, the individuals are clearly able to utilize their aural and visual senses through the ability to touch and feel, whilst interacting in a real-time setting. This is enabled through sensory-motor surfaces, bio-sensing and other highly cutting edge technologies that provide a unique and truly mentally stimulating experience.

In essence, the entire Virtual Reality experience necessitates being credible enough to engulf the gamer’s senses, thus paving the way for an underlying focal-point through the intended presence of interactive, fully immersive virtual objects. This premise enables the individual to not only be aware of his / her own presence in the virtual environment, but also the relevance and detrimental meaning of objects surrounding him.

>> The Benefits <<

How is all this helpful from a mental and cognitive developmental viewpoint? It enables the gamers to refine, polish, strengthen and even enhance their cognitive, manipulative, analytical, organizational and goal-setting skills.

For example, take flight simulators as a case in point. Flight simulators provide an entirely virtual and realistic world, where the environment represents actual aviation settings.

Runways, control towers, airplane cockpit and controls, fuel and operational mechanisms, weather constraints and even visibility dangers. All real and practical elements that an actual aviation pilot would encounter on a daily basis while flying a passenger or fighter jet.

Flight simulation training and exposure enables trainee pilots to enhance their functional skills, whilst utilizing their hand-eye coordination, refining their calculative and analytical abilities and strengthening their flying in a way that meets the required standards.

The U.S military on several occasions has used Virtual Reality themed scenarios and circumstantial environments to train its marines for war-torn battle challenges on the ground. This has helped in increasing response-times and fortifying emergency procedures that have helped save countless lives.

Virtual Reality gaming is the closest thing to artificially generated reality that the human mind can react to – as it would in real life.

They consciously and subconsciously force us to utilize all our unique faculties as human beings, whether they be emotional, mental, intellectual, physical or even imaginative. Virtual Reality gaming empowers the mind to seek greater heights by challenging the status quo, breaking comfort zones and exploring newer horizons within the realms of our self-imposed boundaries.

Life is too short not to reach for the stars and experience the exciting twists and turns of the roller coaster ride.

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