“VR Gaming – An Escape from Reality —- into Reality”

>> The Escape <<

Virtual Reality is a world of its own. A world where dreams are no longer limited by the constraints of technology, but infact created by the limitless bounds of human imagination!

While traditional gaming, consoles and platforms since the 90s gave gamers a chance to escape from reality, the VR gaming of today gives them a place to stay! A place that is as much of an all-encompassing reality as the one they sought to escape in the first place. Only better!

Moreover, VR technology of the mid 90’s lost steam before being able to deliver on the glorious promises it made to the masses.

VR was meant to take us on adventures spanning majestic digital worlds, helping us uniquely interact with technology in a multitude of creative ways and make us embrace, enjoy and fully delve into gaming in all its wondrous majesty.

Instead, what it gave us were eyestrains, nausea and neck pains!

Well, not anymore! The age of VR is this; it’s here, and we at VRPlayin are excited to share it with you!

While, Oculus has become the best-known name in virtual reality thanks to Palmer Luckey, its young founder, its $2.4m Kickstarter campaign and its $2bn acquisition by Facebook. Yet thus far, it is not Oculus but HTC’s Vive that is a hit with early adopters!

>> The Reality <<

HTC’s Vive is able to effectively take advantage of the advancements made in graphics technology. Moreover, it has intelligently learned from the errors and mishaps made by earlier attempts to meet or exceed expectations. And much to our joy this time around, none of it will leave us with a migraine or the urge to throw up!

Ha, how neat is that?

Innovative and stimulating video game titles are crucial for the VR gaming industry. Exciting titles will enable VR to set itself apart far more from the traditional gaming platforms and consoles. This is being achieved (and with plenty more in the pipeline) via uniquely authentic, fully immersive and mesmerising digital virtual content that showcases the wondrous promise of the VR technology.

2017 and beyond – are set to start pulling people into the fantastical worlds of VR gaming in all its glory. Reality has never felt more real than when it’s virtual! Why? Because VR enables you to do things in a virtual world that the physical realities of life around us seemingly remain very limited to on a daily basis.

>> The Dream <<

Where else could you fly a plane over the Atlantic, power through ancient dungeons to capture a magic potion, battle through invading extra-terrestrials in humanity’s last stand — and when all is said and done, casually walk to the dinner table with your family later in the evening!?

Only Virtual Reality gives you that world, provides you that power, enhances your existence with that kind of impossible yet infinite reach and empower you with superhuman experiences people could only dream of!

An escape from reality – into virtual reality – couldn’t be more fun and enthralling!

Check us out at www.vrplayin.ca and book your first session today!

Toronto’s 1st ever VR Gaming Arcade! Dozens of exciting titles to choose from!


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