Street football freestyler

Football a sport recognized not only internationally but is very much regarded in the streets as well. It is evident that the start of football in some of the best European countries likes Brazil and Argentina etc. from where world class players like Messi, Neymar have emerged had started their careers on street.  This is the reason why street football came into existence at the very juncture. A lot of street jugglers have now come up who entertain people in every piece of work they exercise.  They have made street football popular amongst youngsters and teenagers who have a kick for football.

Raphael Spajic is a professional football entertainer who has been involved in entertaining people all over the world with his wonderful tricks and skills. Because of his immense skills he has a very huge fan following as a football freestyler. Since the age of 10 he has had kept the ball very close to him and this in turn has made him become the best free styler ever met. He has got the potential to swift, scroll, swirl, twist and does everything and anything with the ball he has. No doubt he is real magic with the ball and people like to watch him perform. He has had many shows in 20 countries around the world and is still on his tour.

Started performing at a very tender age he has been the center of attention for everyone wherever he went. He has performed at various shows and events such as during half time and in various charity events too. He was the champion in 1vs1 street soccer at Amsterdam in London. Moreover, he is always encouraging young generation of players to inculcate the habit of juggling and improving skills on regular basis via social media like Facebook and Instagram.  He has formed a bigger fan base online via social media. It is through them that he stays connected to his fans and followers.

He has been invited to perform and has performed in countries like USA, UAE, Dubai, France, etc to name a few. Thus if for any event you want to hire an entertainer you have the right place,  you can very well hire a football freestyler like him who can charm every person present through his performance on stage. With no doubt he will be the focus on which most of the people will follow the main star and will prove to be a success in various ways.


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