Chiropractor in Stockholm

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we don’t get enough time to take care of our body. If you ever visit the beautiful city of Stockholm in Sweden, do come to our massively popular Chiropractor and massage parlor, Kiropraktor akut. The communication of our body with the lumbar function occurs with the help of our nervous system. The professionals working at our institution are highly trained in what they do and have years of practice and experience. In our organization we help to relieve body pain that most of the people around world suffer. Our chiropractors also help in regaining the important bodily functions and also help with the acute symptoms. Our chiropractors are situated in the naprapat kungsholmen

In the Swedish healthcare system, Chiropractic is an integral part. High Amplitude Velocity Low is the method that our Chiropractors use. The meaning of this common method that is widely used in Sweden is that the chiropractic manipulation that occurs at very high controlled rate and at a very short distance. Due to this method the joints and the surrounding structures gets high level of movement and with the help of this mobility the pain that the patient is going through is reduced and the patient is comfortable.

Stress, anger and anxiety badly affect the muscles of our body. The professionals Chiropractors working in our organization uses pressure and kneading to reduce the muscle’s tension. The time range of our massage ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. In the 30 minutes massage the therapist mainly focuses on back, neck and shoulders. For the people who feel tense and stiff, there is a special massage called deep tissue massage. For the relaxation of the body’s muscles, there is a 60 minutes massage where the gentle hands of our chiropractor help you relax and get to a state of bliss.

Our chiropractors also are great in the dry needling technique. In this technique, the chiropractor uses a 0.3 mm thick needle and treats the muscle area which is strained. He pulls the needle up and down which results in a small muscle contraction. After the muscle is contracted the chiropractor removes the needle. The full final treatment is achieved in 3 to 5 treatments but majority of the patients achieve the relaxation of the muscle within 1 or 2 days. Rehabilitation exercises also are helpful after the treatment which improves the working positions of the patients in their job and home.


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