Hire a football freestyler

Juggling, rolling, skipping, swirling, and swiftly shoveling the football up and down sideways and everything. It is always a charm to watch free stylers perform their act. It gives us immense pleasure in viewing them and we wonder how a person with a football can play and get along so well. It feels as if the ball is a part of his body and the master commands the ball to perform the act.

This is why street football  has become so famous all around the world collectively. Everyone likes to watch free stylers play with the ball.  Raphael Spajic being a football freestyler is of croatian origin and had followed to be a free styler in all respects.  He has worked with a number of well known clients such as Volvo,  Uefa,  Coca Cola,  etc to name a few.  He has been actively engaged in performing street football at every nook and corner of the world. He has gained lot of praise fod for his acts and performances in the past and is continuing to do so for the future specific.

Thus you can hire a football freestyler like him for your stage as he will prove to be a very excellent entertainer and will definitely add charm to your event.  You can register to take up for his event by going on to register at his website and confirm his booking.  You can even follow him on Facebook and Instagram where he has been actively engaged in performance and is always showing new and innovative ways to entertain people. He has won many championships and trophies by participating in different contests in different countries and it is his honor to call him upon the stage.

He has always been the spotlight image in every show and this has gained him lots of respect and admiration. You can check out his videos on YouTube where he has added lost of videos from different parts of the world he has been in. You cannot deny the fact that once you call him you will be delighted to refer him for any other event you like to. Children get really loved by him and they love to see him perform. He leaves a lingering effect in the minds of thd people and will remember him for his varied act in all advances. Raphael Spajic thus at your service.


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