Must-Have Rockabilly Dresses

For vintage lovers shopping for rockabilly dresses can last for hours. These are rockabilly dresses for every occasion you could ever need.

Rockabilly dresses are the perfect accompaniment to any vintage inspired wardrobe. Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town, lunch with family, a holiday celebration, or staying in with friends, there’s a rockabilly dress made for you. Rockabilly dresses are versatile for every season, and with so many figure-flattering styles to choose from, there is no excuse not to have your own collection of rockabilly dresses.

Wiggle Dress

The “Wiggle” is a must have rockabilly dress. This dress came about in the 1950’s and was made popular by Marilyn Monroe. Brought back to life by rockabilly culture and the popular AM show Mad Men, this fitted dress is designed with a narrow hem to keep women’s legs together and therefore create a “wiggle” as they walk. This rockabilly dress is meant to exaggerate an hourglass figure on women by cinching at the waist, curving against the hips sensually and then closing again at the hem.

Tea Dress

In a 1922 article Emily Post describes a tea gown as a mix between a ball gown and a wrapper (bathrobe) dress. Today a tea dress is usually cut just below the knee, has capped sleeves, a covered bust, and a full skirt. This dress is usually linked to being worn for traditional afternoon tea. This was a dress a woman would wear without a corset in the comfort of her owns him.

The history of the tea dress is said to have started with the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Stanhope. This was back in 1841 when tea was served in the Duchess’s quarters at 4 PM. Once word spread of the Duchess’ habit of dressing up for afternoon tea the trend spread through England and soon women everywhere were dressing up to visit one another’s homes for afternoon tea.

Swing Dress

A swing dress is an A-line shaped gown that is flowy, flirty and flattering on all body types. A swing dress is a knee-length dress that is fitted at the waist with a full skirt that will “swing” as women dance. This rockabilly dress was made popular in the 1920’s as a comfortable yet stylish gown women could wear as they danced to jazz and swing music. This airy article of clothing was commonly worn during the 1920’s “Lindy Hop” partner dance. This style became popular once more during the swing era of the 30’s.

Skater Style Rockabilly Dress

A skater style rockabilly dress has grown in popularity in the last couple years as a modern vintage alternative. This style plays on old vintage swing style and is usually characterized by a fitted waist that flairs into an A-line skirt. These short dresses are perfect for showing off a bit of sweet vintage style with some rockabilly edge.

Rockabilly dresses add class, charm, sass, and sex appeal to any outing. Whether you’re looking to dress up for work or play, these rockabilly dresses are a must-have for your wardrobe.

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