Top Features of Good Email Validation Software

Email marketing is the fastest way of reaching your esteemed customers.  Your email address thus needs to be protected all the time so as to increase its performance. There is a lot of email verification software that you can use, but before you spend your money on any software here are the top features that you should consider.


It is not possible for anyone to look at an email and to know whether it is valid or invalid. Make sure that you go for an email verifier which has built-in bounce handler.  This helps you to know the emails that will open and those that will not open. The software also must be able to determine those mails that are invalid. Though it is always important to know the pros and cons of a program before you subscribe. Always make sure you choose a program that is 100% accurate to avoid regretting later.

Number of mails that can be verified

There are different programs for email validation, its salient that you know different programs offer different capacities. Always go for those programs which support millions of mails and not hundreds. A good email verification software should also have a customer payback coupon.

Greylisted emails

The best software to use in verifying your email should use greylist technology in preventing spam. Though some mails maybe marked as spam and they are not, a good software should be accurate and should enable you to see the greylisted emails by just a click.

Ease of working with

Being in business you will have a lot of things to do. Therefore the email validation software that you use should make your work easier. It should allow you to feed every detail, postcodes, names and all details you need. If it requires you to feed one name at a time then that is a waste of time and you should stay away from such software.

It is always important that you do your homework before choosing any tool. There are a lot of companies online which sell their products, but it’s your job to go for those that offer the best tools at their disposal. Don’t visit sites that don’t have reviews. Customer reviews will guide you to choosing the best software of all time. Verifying email address may seem hectic but once you have the best software your job will be very simple.


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