Mitigating rates on empty lands by understanding simple rules and applications

Just likewise landlords aim to mitigate the liability against the property; local authorities as well seek for the challenge to utilize the benefits of empty property business rates avoidance. Imparting a lease to the tenants for a short term is one of the best measures taken by the landlords currently. Doing the same shall help them to save money along with benefiting the society simultaneously.

Most of the property owners are just more than happy to know about the business rates and empty property norms. However, there are certain loopholes from the side of the government which still need to be covered up. As soon as the letting duration of six weeks get over, the benefit of six months of empty building business rates relief commences. Even if the landowners gave the main motive to avoid these rates, it shall be duly considered by the government provided every condition is met. Some of the main rules regarding empty property business rates avoidance include:

  • The premises should be actually occupied for the purpose of carrying out a particular occupation
  • ‘there shall be a single occupation only
  • The occupation should specifically impart some or the other kind of benefit to the person/tenant concerned
  • The occupation should have ample degree of prominence

There have been court cases when there have been no such relives to the landlords because some or the other above mentioned rule was lacking. Either the landlord or the tenant ought to produce ample evidences regarding the renting of the premises and the occupation to be carried. Maximum premises area is needed to be covered for carrying out the occupation in absence to which there shall be no empty building business rates relief. Moreover, the time limit in which the individual occupies the property should be sufficiently long so that no issues are created later on.

Another major thing that needs to be considered in business rates and empty property is that the landlord should not interfere in the work or the tenancy duration of the land occupier. Any such activity initiated by the landlord shall mitigate the relief thereby identifying the landowner to be involved in the occupation of the tenant.

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